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GioMax, with its diverse range of solutions built on its long-standing and out-of-the-box experience, works in multiple fields.
At GioMax we have our main scheme: our scheme is your goal!

GioMax's role is to offer its know-how, structured in all sectors of the commercial supply chain, in favor of companies that want to start distribution, in Italy and/or abroad.

What GioMax creates is a great opportunity to land in a new market without overloading the customer company with fixed costs.

In the delicate start-up phase, companies are usually very sensitive in supporting fixed costs and in the establishment of any organizational structures (logistics, warehouses, sales network, technical support network, accounting, finance, marketing, hr management, legal, ...).

These points are huge obstacles to the development of start-ups that often give up commercial development or remain in an embryonic stage destined to perish.

GioMax, on the other hand, from the top of its professionalism, provides «START-UP as a Service solution» in CLOUD COMPANY logic by transforming fixed costs into variable costs, and offering a globally competent structure in every sector:

  • In Logistics and warehousing, across the consolidated major national and international carriers and warehouses agreements
  • In the sales network, with the partnership of extensive traditional sales networks with agents, or through domestic and foreign distributors
  • In the post-sale network, through an accurate knowledge of Italian and European players and a structured knowledge of the policies of carriers tlc
  • in tax regulations
  • in the legal aspects of the distribution and the relative responsibility (raee, copia privata...)
  • in marketing, through matured experience in the positioning of the products and the price study.

In the interview to hire people, across an understanding of market participants.

In addition, through a long-standing experience, GioMax offers entrance in multinational markets with a focus in the Far East, Europe and the USA, where has activated important representative offices.

Our Services


Sales with specific orientation in technological sectors such as telecommunications and the IOT world.


Study and feasibility of projects with competition analysis, product positioning and advertising ATL and BTL.


From customer care to technical support to logistics and to CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Complete support in defining the strategy and target with simulation of complex market scenarios.


Certification of complex industrial structures such as manufacturing and assembling sites.


Quality control is based on the specifications of the operators with reporting and spot checks.


We work and have worked with most of the main Italian telephone operators.


As in the telephony sector, GioMax also works in the sale of accessories for phones and beyond.

Assistenza tecnica

To offer a complete service in the terminal selling we have signed a collaboration with Prima Comunicazione.


The services above mentioned are essential in the selling of our terminals, but in every transaction a distributor is essential.

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