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Family and professional life are closely intertwined in the creation of the GioMax Corporation. We find the inspiring principles of Pietro Paolo Rimonti's society, in particular the desire to encourage independence of thought and determination in the pursuit of one's goals, in a game that the founder invented to pass on to his children the basic elements of business processes.

The fruitfulness of this experience is demonstrated by the creation of two games, conceived and made with the involvement of children: the truth machine and the wish machine. Rimonti then decided to apply in his professional life the ideas matured for fun, creating an eclectic and innovative enterprise that puts people at the center, able to face challenges and seize opportunities, with a vocation for the experimentation of original solutions in different areas: from technology to renovations, from play to bread production.


Founded in 2011, GioMax corporation is a strategic consulting society, open to innovation, strong for the extensive relational network built by its founder during his managerial career.

For this GioMax is much more: you can say that other than being born as an “ideas company”, it has also a natural connotation of “CLOUD COMPANY”, as its consulting services, in addition to always bringing new ideas, it develops business processes drawing on the national and international network that has been built.

This benefits our customers and partners: by connecting the appropriate resources, GioMax creates virtual and real connections from every time, to make any sales process simple and effective.

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