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In GioMax we are convinced that whatever is done in life, personal or working, is not different to a school exam. Life is a sequence of exams, studded by obstacles. Obstacles are those things that we see when we take are eyes away from our target!

This philosophy allows us to stand out from the competition, bringing to success the projects on which we work, no matter the complexity. Thinking differently, working with passion, determination and always having our and our partners objective in mind, we build many businesses and agreements with success.

If you take the eyes away from the target, you become the target!


An excellent academic background surely has its role in our selection, but other than that we search for DREAMERS, people driven by achievement, audacity and PASSION in their work and everyday work. People with the ability to solve complex problems in a simple way, people who value punctuality, who focus on getting the job done following the team’s common objective.

who doesn’t try doesn’t commit mistakes: GioMax searches for people which have the COURAGE to put themselves in the game and that bear risks to EXPAND their own horizons and to create things that have never been seen before.

Whatever the position you work at we are in search for true leaders. Being a worker or a manager is a position whilst being a LEADER is a MENTALITY.

This is what we believe in and are searching for.


Prepare a synthetic curriculum vitae which tells us about you, your qualities you have and what you still want to obtain in your working carrier.

Send it to


Everything starts from an idea and many times it was dreamt about. When you have an idea, you draw it on paper to have a full image. Let’s understand what has to be done so that it can be brought to a conclusion, many times you won’t be able to see the end of the tunnel, but we go forward until we see and once arrived there we will proceed forward. Any project is like a football match: a team is required, a captain to lead and an objective to be achieved.

Starting to work on a project is like taking possess of the ball, but you must always remember that having possession of the ball doesn’t mean you have scored. You must maintain possess of the ball even when the match is getting rough and difficult and when you have a lot of pressure on you from the opposite team, only in this way you will be able to reach your target and score that goal. In a dream, at school, during work and above all in life.

We give you the opportunity to collaborate with us to transform your ideas into big successes. Have an idea? Want to achieve it like no-one else? Send it to us now at
Giomax. Always New Ideas.

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